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Condom Production Line

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    Anhui, China (Mainland)
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    70-90 days
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Product Description

Introducing our exceptional Condom Production Line – a state-of-the-art manufacturing system that ensures the highest standards of quality, safety, and efficiency. Tailored specifically for the production of premium condoms, this cutting-edge facility is designed to meet the growing demands of the global market.


Name Condom production line
Properties manufacturing
Model Size 46m-60m
Certification CE
Material latex


This is the size we usually determine as the best quality equipment, and of course, we can also customize production machines according to customer requirements!


Machine size(m)
















Company Introduction:

Anhui Tianyuan Latex Technology Co.,Ltd is proficient in production equipment of natural latex gloves, synthetic latex gloves, we guarantee that production process technology and production management are controlling by senior engineers, the company’s technology is strong. We use domestic and foreign advanced technology during production of our equipment, technology,formulas and processes.Also we use Japan,Malaysia,Taiwan and United State’s advanced technology andprocess formulas in companies design and manufacturing of toys latex balloons,inspection gloves,medical gloves,nitrile gloves, households latex gloves production line;The percentage of quality of disposable products are high, meet all requirements of FDI and CE. Advanced technology of protection gloves, PU\PVC nitrile gloves production line meets the CE requirements. Our company is based on trust and quality first, our first principle is to satisfy customer’s requirements  and de-mands. We warm and sincere welcome old and new customers for cooperation, we will serve you wholeheartedly!
Production line is disassembled to pieces, after that we are wrapping every piece with PE film or fiber wooden boxes ,raw materials are individually packaged,then  put everything in container. Suitable for International transportation.

  • Latex Condom Machine
  • Condom Production Machine
  • Condom Manufacturing Machinery


Our Services

1. Term and method of service
(1) service term: our company shall be responsible for the free maintenance of the hardware (except for human or natural irresistible force) for one and half year after the successful operation of the equipment, and the lifetime warranty shall be implemented.
(2) service mode, such as system appear problem, you can inform me through telephone, fax, and other communications companies, clear problem, our response time is 1 hour, by telephone, fax, and other means of communication to solve the problem; If the problem is not solved, our staff will arrive at the customer factory for repair after the negotiation

2. Technical training and quality assurance measures 

Technical training: after production line transport to customer factory, our company is responsible for provide the expensive unit with 2-3 people to customer factory to assist installation and free technical training, the training of personnel familiar with the use of the system, and can deal with the problems in the operation of the system, to achieve an orderly management and daily maintenance of technical level. 

3.Other Service
Charging standard and main parts price of the charging project one year free warranty and technical advisory services. After 1 year, free maintenance and technical consulting services will be provided. Only material cost will be charged for replacement.



1.Q: How much does the product cost? 
   A: We quote the price according to the customer’s demands,different specifications of the production line price is different. 
2.Q: How long does it take to make the machine? 
   A: 2-3 months.
3.Q: How about the quality? 
   A:We have one year quality guarantee,our customers have used our machines for a long time.

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