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Why are condoms called condoms? What's the role?

Blog   14 Feb,2017

Why are condoms called condoms? What's the role?

When it is suggested that both men and women share the same room, the general contraceptive measures will refer to the use of condoms, which is often referred to as condoms. In fact, although everyone is using it, there are still many people who have questions about the safety of condoms. The security mentioned here mainly includes the following two aspects:

First, the safety of condoms is not only about contraception. Of course, contraception is the first idea of people's condom use, and they think it can prevent them from having babies in unnecessary time, which brings unnecessary troubles. Therefore, to use condoms, if from this perspective, condoms can achieve an effective contraceptive rate of more than 90%, so there is no need to worry about this problem at all. As long as the quality of the condom is good, there is no damage or hole in the condom, a reliable contraceptive rate can be achieved.

Second, on the other hand, the reason why condoms are called "safe" is that they can not only prevent contraception, but also prevent the two sides from infecting each other with some diseases while living in the same room. If condoms can be used as a protective measure, it can reduce the transmission of many sexually transmitted diseases. For example, now it is known that HPV is a disease that causes cervical cancer in women. Although it does not have much impact on men, it is not only used by women in many cases. If men have it, it may also spread to their wives. Therefore, it is recommended to use condoms for the health of both sides.

Of course, some people think that when using condoms frequently, it may lead to premature ejaculation, impotence and other diseases in men, while women may have various chronic inflammation, which is not necessary to worry about, because condoms are very thin, which will not bring various male related diseases to men. For women, as long as the right and safe use of condoms is a protection for both sides, will not lead to more diseases.


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