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Why can labor protection gloves defeat tactical gloves?

Blog   30 Sep,2016

Why can labor protection gloves defeat tactical gloves?

When it comes to what kind of gloves soldiers wear in the army, most of their friends will say that the high-end and atmospheric tactical gloves are distributed in the army. But the result is not so, at least in the eyes of PLA soldiers, cheap gloves are more popular.

It is said that the gloves were specially made for workers in heavy industry and handicraft industry at a very early time. They can be called labor protection gloves in gloves. But it's the gloves that look common and even a little out of date. In today's PLA soldiers' eyes, they are low-key and luxurious.

In fact, in the view of all PLA soldiers, the biggest advantage of the most common thread gloves is that they are very easy to obtain and comfortable to wear. After all, our people's Liberation Army is different from the Western army. Our soldiers should always take part in labor. Therefore, it is more comfortable to wear labor line gloves such as shovels, hammers and nails than tactical gloves.

The PLA's high-end tactical gloves are not useless, but the design concept of the tactical gloves is to protect the opponent's department and facilitate the holding of various weapons. Of course, this is not the same as wearing comfortable gloves for labor. This is also an important reason why PLA soldiers are very fond of thread gloves.

The picture shows the use of labor protection gloves when planting trees.

There is also an important reason for the PLA not to love tactical gloves, but to prefer ordinary thread gloves. That is to say, the manufacturing cost of tactical gloves is too high. A pair of tactical gloves can buy several dozen of ordinary gloves. When you go to work, you can use the thread gloves as you like. Anyway, each pair is very cheap, and the tactical gloves are war preparation materials. If they are damaged when used for work, it's really painful.


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