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Do you know how balloons are made?

Blog   05 Aug,2015

Do you know how balloons are made?

Balloons are a kind of toys that children like very much. Balloons are often seen in amusement parks and other places of entertainment. And these balloons can have a unique shape design, more attention to attract children. And balloons are also used in some festivals and celebrations. Balloons are important decorations for festivals. At the same time, balloons can also be used to transport goods. Hot air balloons are one of them.

Everyone who has seen the movie "flying house circle" must be familiar with this scene. It can generate huge power through numerous balloon combinations. So how exactly are balloons made? This small and cheap product can't be made by hand, otherwise the cost of production will be very high. The balloon production also has a mature assembly line. Although it needs to go through many processes, it is very fast. Most balloons are made of natural latex. After mixing the pigment into the latex for wrapping, you can make balloons of different colors. Some balloon molds are used to make balloons. They look exactly like balloons. Professionals call them balloons. Balloons are made according to the shape of these balloons.

First, the balloon should be heated and cleaned, and then the balloon should be soaked in the solution tank. It only takes a few seconds for the coagulant in the solution to work. The thin layer on the surface of the balloon will naturally agglomerate to form the balloon film. Then put the balloon into the emulsion mixed with different colors. It also takes a few minutes to wrap a layer of color on the outside.

Here, the speed of inserting and removing the balloon is precisely calculated, and it is set on the intelligent system. If there is a little mistake, the quality of the balloon will be destroyed. Finally, the air inlet of the balloon is made. Here, the balloon is also made by a machine. The balloon with the balloon is passed through a brush, and the edge of the balloon is rolled up by the brush, forming a rubber edge structure, which is also the air inlet when we blow the balloon at ordinary times. Finally, clean the coagulant on the surface of the balloon and dry and fix the balloon. A centrifuge is used here. After the success of the production, the workers will sample the balloon to ensure its quality.


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